Paul wrote this letter to the church in Rome just before he visited them. He wanted to clear up some misunderstandings between the Jewish and non-Jewish (Gentile) members of the church about the effect that Jesus' death has on the way we live out our faith. Romans gives us a strong overview of Paul's whole message about how we are put right with God through believing in Jesus. Christians were persecuted in Rome at this time, so you will also spot advice from Paul on how to behave in the face of an unfriendly society. 

At this time, Rome was the centre of the Roman world and home to Emperor Nero, the most powerful leader of the time. Rome was rich and multicultural, but Christians were not popular, so it was a dangerous place for the church to be. 

There are some amazing chapters in this book that sum up who Jesus is, what he did and the difference that he makes. If you're looking for an overview at the difference that following Jesus makes, this is a brilliant book.