The Acts of the Apostles is the incredible story of how the church starts. It records how, after Jesus went into heaven, the Holy Spirit came and equipped the small group of his followers. This small group soon bloomed into thousands, and people's lives were transformed for ever. Through the events recorded in Acts we see the apostles (Jesus' original disciples) and other followers of Jesus spreading the good news, sharing their stories and founding churches. Life was made difficult for the early believers by people from both Jewish and non-Jewish backgrounds. Many of the Christians were put to death (such as Stephen in chapter 7), yet people continued to share the news about Jesus and the church continued to grow. 

Acts describe loads of amazing things, including the selfless nature of the early believers and their perseverance against all the odds. It shows that the Holy Spirit is active in changing lives, and that Jesus is worth giving everything for. Acts tells us how the church started - so this book is part of your story too.