Luke, a doctor and friend of Paul, wrote this book about the life of Jesus. Luke set out to make a properly research case for the claims of Jesus. He was writing specifically for Greek Gentiles (non-Jews), so he focuses on non-Jews in the stories he includes. He fills his pages with accounts of Jesus' interactions with other people, particularly those who weren't very well thought of at the time, including woman, lepers and thieves. Luke's account shows that Jesus was on the side of the outcasts, the oppressed, the broken and the poor. The good news that Jesus came to bring is for every single person!

From famous stories like the good samaritan and the lost son to intriguing accounts of miracles and healings, Luke is full of really great stuff. This Gospel also shows that the hope and freedom that Jesus brings isn't just for a select few, or those who've got it sorted but for everyone.