This letter is an encouragement to us to stay strong in our faith. It does a great job of unpacking who Jesus is and explaining the difference he makes not only to our lives but also to our relationship with God. It is a very meaty letter, but it really helps us to match Jesus up with themes in the Old testament. 

This book is called 'Hebrews' because the people it was written to were Jews (also known as Hebrews) who decided to follow Jesus. This decision had made life difficult for them. They were being persecuted not only by the Romans for being Christians, but also by their fellow Jews for abandoning their original faith. So the writer wanted to encourage them to keep going. Hebrews is largely about the person of Jesus, but it also includes a reminder of all the amazing people of faith who stayed strong in the past. The letter focuses on showing how Jesus fulfils all the Old Testament beliefs and customs, and how the uniqueness of Jesus should encourage people to persevere in their faith.